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Meet Dr. Stefanie C.F. Toise

Dr. Stefanie C.F. Toise is a health psychologist and consultant specializing in cardiovascular disease, an epidemiologist, a yoga therapist, and a scientific researcher with over three decades of experience designing and evaluating integrative medical programs nationally and internationally. 


Her research explores integrative medicine's role in sustainable health behavioral change. Dr. Toise has been a frontrunner in establishing research for living with cardiac conditions, including those with medical devices. Her work has helped expand the use of evidence-based treatment protocols that improve clinical outcomes. 

Dr. Toise is a certified yoga therapist with over two decades of experience. She uses classical yoga, including meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), and physical postures (asana) as modalites to address issues in healing such as pain, stress, immobility, lifestyle, and behavioral change. 


Dr. Toise’s training in meditation includes the yogic traditions as well as Zen, Theravada, and mindfulness. She has been a practitioner for over four decades.


Dr. Toise conducts needs assessments as well as qualitative and quantitative clinical research for organizations. These data-driven approaches produce insights that lead to better health outcomes.


Her business, AT ONE LLC, is rooted in the need to broaden validated treatment options that raise each client's quality of life.

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  • Doctorate in Psychology from Clark University with a concentration in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine

  • Master’s with distinction in Epidemiology and Public Health from Yale Medical School 

  • Advanced post-graduate certification in organizational psychology from Columbia University

  • Certification in Yoga Therapy, EYRT-500, YACEP, C-IAYT

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Professional Recognition

  • Principal investigator of an NIH-funded study in cardiology at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

  • Co-founder and faculty member of the Integrative Medicine Symposium at Yale.

  • Awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein Fellowship by the National Institutes of Health.

  • Awarded a fellowship by the American Association of University of Women to further her investigation of integrative medicine modalities using qualitative and quantitative methods.

Additional Experience

  • Practicing yoga therapist for over twenty years.

  • Consultant for Lutheran World Relief in Lima, Peru, creating programs to improve health, education, and quality of life.

Awards & industry recognition



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My story

When I was a teenager, my dad, a big, robust, hardworking guy, had a massive heart attack, sometimes called a widow-maker. The survival rate even today outside of a hospital is only 12%— according to the American Heart Association—and his event happened decades ago. What saved my dad was that he was lucky enough to have been in the waiting room of an emergency room of a major hospital when he had his heart attack. 


My dad did survive! After being resuscitated by an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), he was a changed man. Told his chances of living more than two more years were very unlikely, his mission was to recover his health and well-being. He changed his mental and physical behavior: began to practice yoga and meditation, changed his eating, and learned to relax. As a teenager, I watched my father battle his old habits and learn to live life in healthy and unfamiliar new ways. He lived twenty-one more years, with a quality of life previously unimaginable. He was happy, active, and fulfilled in daily life. This was my inspiration to become an expert in health behavior change. Not only did my father have a long and quality life, but several generations of my family were also forever changed by his healthy physical and mental transformation, including me.


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