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Stefanie has excellent listening and thinking skills and is bright, fun, and knowledgeable.

~ JLynn, clinician client ~


As a clinician, you can make a difference in your patient’s health, sometimes between their life and death. You offer them a new lease on life. You want to provide care that delivers the best possible outcomes but you often become frustrated when patients don't follow your advice. They may struggle with a myriad of educational, social, cultural, and health literacy problems, lack of compliance, and follow-up challenges. 

We collaborate with you, support you, and introduce skills that allow you to: 

  • Personalize your communications to maximize your collaboration with patients/clients.

  • Guide patients/clients to understand what actions they need to take.

  • Help motivate patients/clients to make behavioral changes that improve their lives.

  • Introduce mind-body techniques, positive psychology, as well as spiritual and cognitive approaches into treatment plans.

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Who do we serve

Physicians, cardiologist, directors of medical services

Students nurses and registered nurses

Medical students

Occupational therapists and physical therapists

What we do

We partner with you and your patients to…

  • Educate about diagnosis and treatment.

  • Translate treatment into actionable steps.

  • Listen and communicate in order to create individualized recovery plans.

  • Discern what obstacles stand in the way of healing and recovery.

What problems do we solve for your patients?

AT ONE helps your patients by:

  • Teaching them about their diagnosis and translating their treatment into actionable steps for better health outcomes resulting in better compliance and better health outcomes.

  • Being a skillful and empathetic ear to hear what is happening in their life that directly impacts their health.

  • Communicating with you about the patient, their obstacles, and the actionable steps they need to take to create better health. By collaborating, we create a comprehensive plan for the patient.

Program offerings

  • Psychoeducation: The psychological and emotional components of illness and recovery

  • Health communications 

  • Educational seminars and talks

  • Wellness workshops, i.e. stress reduction

  • Staff training and development on health psychology and behavior change

  • Programs for your out-patients*:

  • Cardio-vascular health behavior change and positive psychology sessions

  • Chronic disease management through health behavior change and positive psychology sessions

  • *(Self-pay by patients or sponsored by the institution)


Programs are delivered either in-person or online through talks, workshops, and training.​

Key takeaways

  • Our programs give you tools that help you communicate more effectively with your patients.

  • You will learn experiential approaches and evidence-based strategies, tools, and skills to use in your daily practice. The goal is to reduce your frustration and provide an even higher level of care for your patients.

Program benefits

Your patients will need this program to:

  • Improve health literacy

  • Improve health outcomes

  • Learn mind-body strategies and tools

  • Identify actionable steps

  • Learn how to implement steps

  • Have support and learn how to build support

  • Have psychoeducation specific to their conditions

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