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Institutional Clients

Dr. Toise has the ability to reach everyone regardless of cognition, concentration level, or capacity to attend to the group. She does this with a detailed, colorful, informative slide show, impromptu music and movement, repetition, and compassion.

~ The Summit at Plantsville, CT ~


You want to support your clinical staff, clients, and patients and meet programming and educational requirements, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line. This is the kind of thing that keeps you up at night. We have the expertise to help you with these challenges. Our past clients include St Francis/Trinity Health, Athena Health, Genesis Health Corporation, National Health.

Who do we serve


Assisted living and nursing home facilities

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Specialty medical practices

Public health departments

What we do

What problem do we solve for you, the institution?

  • We help you meet your regulatory requirements.

  • We provide high-quality programming tailored to your specific needs.

  • We offer resources to improve the quality of experience for the people you employ and the people you serve.


What problem do we solve for your employees?

We help healthcare organizations meet their challenges by providing tools to:

  • Address gaps in health literacy

  • Listen, respond, and provide tools to clinicians for patients, i.e., to support transitions

  • Identify new behaviors and translate them into actionable steps

  • Increase patients’ cognitive engagement

  • Increase empathy and compassion in the delivery of care

  • Involve family/care givers in ongoing care

Program offerings

Programs for out-patients:

  • Cardio-vascular health behavior change using mind-body and positive psychology approaches

  • Chronic disease management through health behavior change using mind-body and positive psychology approaches

Programs for healthcare staff:

  • Educational talks

  • Wellness workshops, i.e. stress reduction

  • Psychoeducation: The psychological and emotional components of illness and recovery

  • Staff training and development on health psychology and behavior change

Programs for facility residents:

  • Memories and Movement – draws on multiple senses to increase cognitive engagement for people with dementia and cognitive decline. 

  • Aging Healthy – building health behaviors for people with cognitive impairment and decline.

  • Communication Counts – support for family members/caregivers of people with cognitive decline and aging.

Programs are delivered either in-person or online through talks, workshops, and training.​

Key takeaways

Our programs and services provide tools and strategies, support, and a sense of community for staff, clients, and patients. 

Program benefits

  • Broaden clinical perspectives 

  • Team building

  • Increased resilience and stress-management skills

  • Empathy and compassion skills as core values with actionable steps

  • Enhanced communication skills

  • Greater awareness of patient individuality and needs

  • Mind-body and positive psychology interventions

  • Medical yoga and meditation

Latest insights

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