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Are you ready to...


and start making consistent changes to

your health and wellness?

Change in YOU begins with awareness, then knowledge, and results in new habits.

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We at AT ONE understand.

We are here to help.

We use evidence-based skills, strategies, and tools to address chronic disease and recovery. Clients learn to improve their quality of life and health outcomes. Clinicians expand and refine their ability to impact the health of their patients.


Hi, I'm Dr. Stefanie Toise.

I teach adults who have been recently diagnosed (within a year) with cardiovascular disease how to improve their health, sleep better, have more energy, and feel motivated, hopeful, confident, safe, and successful, so they can flourish in their life and the daily activities they love.


I motivate/teach/guide active seniors how to live life to their fullest/maximize their life using health and positive psychology, meditation, gentle movement, and adapted yoga so that participants feel more alive, healthy, relaxed, sleep better, and with their life more fully in the present.


I teach strategies and skills to active seniors and how to use them so that they maximize the quality of their life.

My business, AT ONE LLC, is rooted in the need to broaden validated treatment options that raise each client's quality of life.

I have learned under Stefanie's gentle and expert guidance to be aware of not just my body as a whole, but my feet and stance in particular, which are crucial for balance and stability. She strongly encourages any modifications needed based on orthopedic or other medical concerns and is always careful to check in with each individual regarding any current difficulties that may affect how particular postures can be done.

C. Boyer, individual client ~

For Individuals/Groups

We help you…

  • understand your diagnosis and translate your treatment into actionable steps for better health outcomes.

  • by being a skillful and empathetic listener to what is happening in your life that directly impacts your health.

  • see the need for new habits and help you build those new habits and routines that will lead you to better health outcomes.

  • create health behavior change using non-pharmaceutical treatments, approaches, and modalities.


As a health psychologist and a yoga therapist, she has many tools to offer people who want to change behavior patterns, especially behavior patterns that have a negative impact on health. Through practices of self-compassion and mindful personal assessment, Dr. Toise guides people into healthier, more grounded, more centered living.

~ Rev. J. Pawelek, Unitarian Universalist Society


For Clinicians

We partner with you and your patients to…

  • educate about diagnosis and treatment.

  • translate treatment into actionable steps.

  • listen and communicate in order to create individualized recovery plans.

  • discern what obstacles stand in the way of healing and recovery.

Stefanie is an exceptional group facilitator. She is able to reach people at all levels making everyone feel as though they are the most important person in the room. Her creative mixed media groups are interactive, innovative, and informative. 

~ Barbara Blau, CTRD CDCS, The Summit at Plantsville

For Institutional clients

For your institution...

  • We help you meet your regulatory requirements.

  • We provide high-quality programming tailored to your specific needs.

  • We offer resources to improve the quality of experience for the people you employ and the people you serve.

For your employees...

We help...

  • Address gaps in health literacy

  • Listen, respond, and provide tools to clinicians for patients, i.e., to support transitions

  • Identify new behaviors and translate them into actionable steps

  • Increase patients’ cognitive engagement

  • Increase empathy and compassion in the delivery of care

  • Involve family/care givers in ongoing care

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