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Relaxed.  Healthy.  Empowered.


Health Psychology

Behavioral Health

Medical Yoga Therapy

Change in YOU begins with awareness, then knowledge, and results in new habits.

We understand. We are here to help.

We use evidence-based skills, strategies, and tools to address chronic disease and recovery. Clients learn to improve their quality of life and health outcomes. Clinicians expand and refine their ability to impact the health of their patients.

Who we serve

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We help you understand your health, wellness, and diagnoses, and translate treatment plans into actionable steps for better health.

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We partner with you and your patients to educate about wellness, diagnosis, and treatment, and to translate treatment into actionable steps.

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We help you provide high-quality programming that is tailored to your specific needs and meets your regulatory requirements.


"I have worked with Stefanie Toise for more than 15 years in the co-management of patients with complex cardiovascular diseases. Stefanie's expertise in health psychology and yoga therapy has profoundly impacted my patients' physical and emotional well–being."

Thomas Donohue, MD    
Vice President, Medicine Services,

Yale-New Haven Hospital

Meet Dr. Stefanie C.F. Toise

Hello, I'm Dr. Stefanie C.F. Toise, a doctoral-level trained psychologist, public health epidemiologist, medical researcher, and certified yoga therapist. My passion lies in health and wellness, and I support clients with complex health problems to make behavioral changes and improve their quality of life and health. 


I work with individuals and groups using positive psychology approaches and yoga therapy. I also design programs for healthcare facility residents, people with chronic diseases, caregivers, and clinical staff.


My business, AT ONE LLC, is rooted in the need to broaden validated treatment options that raise each client's quality of life.


Book a 20-minute discovery call with me.


Meet Izzy (Isabelle)

Izzy is a certified pet therapy dog who is loving, intelligent, and professional. As an AKC-certified Advanced Canine Good Citizen (A-CGC), she is responsive, well-mannered, and obedient. She specializes in demonstrating how unconditional love supports healing.

Our Clients Say

I enrolled in a series of yoga classes with Stefanie. After several weeks, I became more body-aware, even outside the yoga class. For example, I would notice my shoulders tensing while sitting in traffic, and I could release them, take a deep breath, and feel less stressed out. This positive new habit has stayed with me years later!

-C. Manning, PhD,  Individual client



Kundalini Yoga Outdoor Meditation_edited

Wed,  September 27, 2023, 4 pm ET

Relax and Reduce Stress with Breathing Techniques


Learn two techniques you can use to respond to stress in your life.    ​



Spotlight on At One LLC by University of Hartford

Workshop overview

Mindfulness and Metta: Staying Grounded in the Midst of Pandemic

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